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Friends of Ela Peace Project

This is a non-partisan project. Our volunteers are committed to installing a lasting monument to peace on township park land.  It will remind people that peace is an important foundation of our community.

Gloria Palmblad, Ela Township Supervisor            

Will Stefaniuk, Ela Township Manager

Shari Gullo, Co-founder & Coordinator            

Pamela Self, Co-founder & Landscape Architect

Cathy McCauley, Social Media                

Alicia Timm, GoFundMe Manager


“As a long-long resident of Ela Township, I’m honored to contribute to this project. It’s more than a nice gesture, it’s a lasting symbol of our community’s commitment to peace."


...Pamela Self, project co-creator and owner of Pamela Self Landscape Architecture.

Susan Dillon, Ela Township Community Programs Director    

Alicia Webb, Public Relations Mentor

Marcia Marshall, Webmaster                

Harry Marshall, Structural Engineer

Casey McGinnis, Graphic Arts                

Nellie Mogge, Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

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