2021.04.14 Ela Peace Pole Day Image.jpg

We are celebrating our diversity and encouraging peace by installing a peace pole in Ela Township Park on Main Street in Lake Zurich. 

Lake County's first peace pole, a 20' stainless steel sculpture, illuminated from within, will be a beacon of peace, proclaiming the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” The unique design will include the word “peace” in sign language, braille and the over 60 languages spoken in our community.


Our community's history veers from the Underground Railroad to a KKK rally, from two schools defaced with hate language and symbols to a social justice rally. Like all other communities, ours is imperfect. The Ela Peace Project offers our community an opportunity to acknowledge its history, heal its past and move toward a more peaceful future. The peace pole will be a physical reminder to embrace peace and our diverse community.

This is truly a non-partisan,  grassroots project, inspired by more than 200,000 peace poles worldwide and funded, solely, by our generous community of peace builders.

Ela Peace Project